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Whitening (in office laser treatment or take home custom trays) (read more)
Occlusal Guard (bitesplint) (read more)
Laser Treatment (read more)
Athletic Mouth Guard (read more)
Smoking Cessation (read more)
Hospital Sedation Services available for aprehensive patients (read more)
Nitrous Oxide (read more)
Occlusal Guard (bitesplint): An occlusal guard is a removable appliance that is worn while you sleep. It helps with bruxism (grinding), cleching, and relief of joint disorders. (back to top)
Athletic Mouth Guard: Custom made athlectic mouth guards are available to any patient that has been seen within the last 6 months and up to date on all necessary restorative treatment. Different colors are available to match your team colors. (back to top)
Whitening: Different options are available to meet with the different needs of patients. You can have in office laser whitening treatment, custom made trays for whitening at home, or both. Since whitening has specific requirements you must first have an exam with one of the doctors. (back to top)
Nitrous Oxide: Available to help anxious or stressed patients relax during the treatment with no lingering effect. (back to top)
Laser Treatment: The newest technology in our office can be used in many different ways. The laser can be used for whitening, to treat cold sores, periodontal procedures, sensitivity, to treat TMD, and many other procedures. (back to top)
Hospital Sedation Services:  Hospital sedation is an option available to any patient that is in need or more than two restorations, in at least two different areas of the mouth. Although it is most commonly used for small children that are in need full mouth restorative treatment, this can be a good option for any apprehensive patient that is in need of multiple restorations. (back to top)
Smoking Cessation: The dentist can go over what option may be the best tool to assist you in quitting smoking. (back to top)





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